Own is a property construction and development company formed by a team of qualified and highly enthusiastic individuals. The company was founded in 2008 and has over 30 years collective experience in London’s residential property market.

Our constant aim is to provide fresh and complete building solutions at a leading quality of workmanship. We undertake and meticulously execute distinctive & innovative projects, as part of our constant strive to leave a recognisable mark in London’s property market and shape the future quality standards.

Each piece of our work is characterised by an unparalleled level of attention; from inception and design, to realization, delivery and post-completion maintenance. Own is comprised by chartered engineers, architects, interior designers, marketing consultants as well as a permanent, dedicated and skilled workforce of proven craftsmanship. In addition, we enjoy the hard-gained capacity to source services on-demand, from an extended network of collaborations, which their enduring character enables us to secure the most competitive offers.

In our journey, clients play an integral role as they comprise the starting point of any project and actively affect its direction & particular decisions. We recognise their needs, esteem their input and rigorously invest on establishing a substantial, productive as well as lasting relationship with them.

The showcased portfolio of projects comprises a sample of our work and is a testament to the standards of quality, aesthetics and ergonomics we recognise, set and perseveringly trying to surpass at each occasion. It consists of projects of varying complexity, undertaken under different budgetary and time constraints.

Own also provides other services that complement our core business in order to maintain continuous support to our clients. We always welcome new business and collaborations and embrace new opportunities.